Everything counts. Every single choice counts. Anyone curious about the design aspect needs to buy the art of Pacific Rim book and listen to the audio commentary on the DVD and the Blu-ray because between the two you start to fathom what was, essentially, a twelve month period of design labour. It’s impossible to condense because every single decision counts. And as I often say, I don’t do eye candy, I do eye protein because all of these design choices are telling the story.

I’ll give you one example. Mako is defined by the grey colour and the blue colour. As we go through the movie we find out that she’s defined by those colours because in her childhood we have a blue memory, a memory that’s all just in blue with splashes of red. I show her holding her heart, or a symbolic object that represents her heart. The memory has left a stain on her hair that is blue, and she’s carrying that memory with her. The introductory sequence of Mako is very significant.

It’s colour coding, it’s art directing, it’s wardrobe designing and it’s telling the story at a very visual level. I don’t expect the audience to notice these things, and I don’t expect the critics to notice these things, but if you ask me, I can literally decode the entire movie visually and you will see that every texture and every colour and every shape is part of the storytelling and the journey of the characters in the story.

Guillermo Del Toro, on Pacific Rim.

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