The Wicked & The Divine #2

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Jamie McKelvie

Coloring by Matthew Wilson

Lettering by Clayton Cowles

Design by Hannah Donovan

Edited by Chrissy Williams

Published by Image Comics

Now available at your local comic book retailer and online at:

Image Comics Digital | Comixology | Things From Another World
Comics has an outrage problem.

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I spent some time in LA over 4th of July weekend getting my west coast on. I came back to the world on Monday after a great weekend, only to find that the comics internet had melted down over an ill-conceived hashtag and was busy stomping up and down on the heads of people who were no threat to them.

This isn’t about that, or the hashtag. It’s about all the other times comics has faced controversy and replied with scorn.

The short version is “you don’t have to like it, but please respect it.” The long version is through the link. Comments are off until I get back from lunch, but hopefully you get something out of this.

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